Fishin' A Way of Life

Still have the fascination.
Stay awake all night anticipation
From that first time experience fishin
Now has become a passionate mission.

A reason to be outdoors, to relax
With no cell phone or fax.
Must stay on red alert
For that subtle bite and fight.

Let the fish be feeding
And I do no weeding
May the white caps be down
Cause I don't want to drown.

So set the drag, keep a tight line
You'll do just fine
Sharpen your hook
For something to cook.

I pray this old party boat
Will stay afloat
And the captain imposes a fine
On anyone who snags my line.

Oh, what a sport, enjoying nature
With PFC friends, perhaps with a wager,
Swapping stories that change
Like the weight of that bass, with age.

Fishing requires your absolute attention
It's not enough to just have an intention
You never know, one of your feats
May be to catch one bigger than George Dietz.

When the clock says it's time
To be back at the dock
May our cooler fit it
When we catch our limit.

But if excuses you need
From this list you can read
Wrong tide, dirty tide, red tide
And the best, wind against tide.

And on my last day, God,
I don't want a band
Please, let me be on the water
With a rod in my hand.

Cliff Bennett
June 23, 2005