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What governs the club?

  • Officers include (Term – 1 year):  President, Fist and Second Vice Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Financial Secretary and a Treasurer. 
  • Board of Directors include (Term – 2 years): Five directors and a chairman
  • The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order (Revised)


When do we meet?

  • Regular meetings of the club are held on the fourth Thursday of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and December.  Exceptions to this rule may occur based on holidays, school schedules, etc. and shall be voted upon at the January meeting.
  • Board of Directors meetings are held on the third Wednesday preceding the regular club meeting.


Where do we meet?

  • Henrietta Acampora Cottage (Blue Point Cottage), 39 Montauk Highway, Blue Point
  • Meetings start at 8 o’clock sharp and usually end between 9:30-10:00 p.m.



  • Club dues are due January 1st each year.  A member who has not paid his/her dues on or before the April meeting of each year will automatically become a member not in good standing.
  • Members must attend at least two (2) meetings during the current year to be eligible for an annual prize or prizes.
  • “Ladies Night” in November is considered a regular meeting
  • The current dues for the club are as follows:  Adult Member ($60), Senior Member ($45), Spouse of Adult Member ($40), Junior Member ($25)
  • Junior members must be 18 or younger.  Senior members must be 65 or older.
  • Although not officially included in the yearly dues, each member is required to buy or sell at least two (2) 150 club tickets ($10/each).  The tickets are distributed as soon as dues start to be collected in January.  Drawings for first place ($50) and second place ($25) prizes begin in March/April. 


Contest Rules (Please refer to PFC Constitution and By-Laws for details)

  • Fish must be weighed on a certified scale
  • Contestants must conform to all local, State and Federal laws in taking of his/her fish.
  • Weigh slips must either be
    • mailed to:        
      • Patchogue Fishing Club
        P.O. Box 808
        Patchogue, NY 11772
      • postmarked not later than (10) days after capture of the fish.
    • or delivered to the
      • Weigh Master of the Patchogue Fishing Club.
      • received by the Weigh Master not later than (10) days after capture of the fish.



  • Annual prizes are awarded for the following fish categories (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place):  Striped Bass (Boat/Surf), Bluefish (Boat/Surf), Weakfish (Boat/Surf), Fluke, Cod/Pollack, Blackfish, Flounder, Tuna, Porgy, Sea Bass, Trout, Bass, and Pickerel
  • Monthly prizes (Fish-of-the-Month) are awarded to both adult and junior members weighing in the largest fish of any species listed above ($30 gift certificate for adult members and $10 gift certificate for junior members)










Trophies are permanent challenge trophies belonging to the PFC and must be returned each year by the current holder.  The winner’s name will be inscribed on each trophy and handed out at the annual dinner dance. 


Trophies ......................................................... Awarded For

Kalivas Bowl.................................................... Most Club Points-Surf

McGarvey Bowl................................................ Most Club Points-Boat

August Dietz Memorial Trophy.......................... Largest Striped Bass

Past Presidents Trophy.................................... Largest Sport Fish of the Year as defined in Section 13D of the Constitution

Victor Yannacone Memorial Trophy................... Largest Bluefish

Sol Levine Memorial Trophy.............................. Largest Flounder

Carl Dippel Memorial Trophy............................. Service

50th Anniversary Trophy..................................... Largest Combined Weight-Striped Bass, Bluefish and Weakfish


Club Committees (you are encouraged to participate in any of the following committees)

Outdoor                        Indoor                           New York Surf Tournament        Conservation

Scales                          Weigh Master                Prizes                                       Rules & Records

Jackets                         Custodian                     Historian                                   Newsletter

Good & Welfare            Publicity                       Dinner Dance                            Picnic

Casting                         150 Club



The club tries to have at least 8 tournaments a year.  The following is a listing of different types of tournaments.


Flounder                       Weakfish                      Freshwater*                   Fluke*                           Cod

Blackfish*                     Surf (2-3 per year)*        Snapper Derby*            Sea Bass/Porgy


* Indicates that tournament is held every year


  • Surf fish must be caught from L.I. shores.  Boat fish must be caught from boats launched from and returned to L.I. ports without making non-L.I. landfall.


Special Events

  • Annual Dinner Dance (February/March) – A time to celebrate the “Fishing Year”.  It is always a night filled with music, dancing, prizes, trophies, plaques, great food, drinks and company.
  • George Dietz Annual PFC Picnic (July) – A great day for family and friends of PFC members.  Casting competition for members in the morning.  Afternoon filled with great food, drinks, BBQ/Salads/Ice cream, clam bake, games, prizes and much, much more.
  • Ladies Night (First Friday in November) - Dinner, Bingo, and a wonderful Chinese Auction are always on the agenda as we celebrate a night with our ladies. 



The club tries to organize several indoor activities throughout the year.  Examples include:  Speakers (e.g., Charter/Party Boat Captains), Demonstrations (Knot tying, terminal tackle, rod building), Videos, Chinese Auction (fishing gear).  Club members are encouraged to provide input to the indoor committee on any ideas for indoor activities. 



In most cases, a newsletter will be sent out to all club members during the months of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November/December.  The newsletter will include information on various committees, tournament reminders; provide fish-of-the-month winners, current standings, and any other important “need-to-know” information.


PFC Website (

Yes, the PFC has a website!  It enhances our abilities to access current standings, upcoming events, rules & regulations, club records, weigh slips, and much, much more.  Various fishing URL’s have been linked for your browsing convenience and entertainment.  We are always looking for new suggestions, a secret trick or the trade and of course your favorite fishing story.


New York Surf Tournament


Each year the PFC participates in the New York Surf Tournament (NYST).  If you enjoy fishing off the surf please pay close attention to the following general rules for this annual contest (more details can be provided by the committee chairperson):


  • Species eligible for weigh in are as follows:
    • Striped Bass – Minimum weigh of 10 pounds
    • Bluefish – Minimum weight of 5 pounds
    • Weakfish – Minimum weight of 5 pounds
  • Scales:
    • If you intend to weigh in your fish with your own scale, it must be certified.  The current certification by the scales committee chairperson in the beginning of the season is good only through July.  Scale re-certifications can be arranged at the annual picnic. 
  • Weigh-ins:
    • You may weigh in your fish by using your own scale, as it may be necessary if you are in the middle of the best fishing of your life!  This enables you to release any fish you need to and continue having fun.  If your fish you have caught is a possible contender for the largest of species, you must have it witnessed by a member of the club, or weigh it in at a participating tackle shop (i.e., J&J Sports).  This will ensure the fishes validity.
  • Weigh slips:
    • When you are filling in a weigh slip for the PFC, PLEASE take the extra time to fill in the NYST weigh slip as well and send it along with the clubs slip. 
    • Any fish caught during the month MUST have a weigh slip (NYST weigh slip, not a PFC weigh slip) sent to the PFC NYST committee chairperson before the 5th day of the next month.  For example:  If you catch a fish in June, you must have the weigh slip to the committee chairperson by July 5th. 
    • Copies of the NYST weigh slip are attached to this packet for your convenience.


  • You don’t have to keep the fish to have it count (catch and release).  You can still weigh the fish, release it, and still get points for the club.
  • If you catch a fish out of state, you can still have it count for the NYST. 



Below is one (1) example copy of the NYST weigh slip that must be submitted for points to be counted.  Please make copies of this weigh slip for use during the calendar year.  Thanks and GOOD LUCK!